1st degree training

As a 1st Degree, you learn the basics of the group’s workings. The time span as a 1st degree, or any of the degrees is not set. It all depends on the individual.

Some people learn faster than others, and some people never want to progress any further. You will not be pushed into learning goals, because as an adult, you are responsible for your own learning and development, at your own pace.

The Elders and other members of Fintan are there to guide and help you, but it’s your decision on how long you take. We at Fintan know that life and family are very important, and will get in the way of your learning from time to time.

2nd Degree

2nd degree is when you start to learn how a group is run and you begin to help run the coven. It is also when the emphasis is on your own spiritual growth.

You start working more with meditation and visualisation stuff within the tree of life, and spiritual Alchemy.

3rd Degree

3rd degree is the last degree, and this is when you are recognised among your peers as a High Priest/ess and are competent in running your own coven.

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