Coven Fintan was founded and established in 1995 when Sue was taken 3rd degree and hived off from the mother coven, an Alexandrian group run by Lord Garwain and Lady Bridget. Sue’s partner, Jason came with her, and joining them from another coven came Circe to act as Maiden, and Fintan was born as an Alexandrian coven.

After a year or two, Fintan consolidated with the “Temple of HOPE”, which was run by Lady Elizabeth and Lord Geoffrey, who later left and was replaced by Lord John. Jason was trained and initiated to 2nd and then 3rd degree by Lady Elizabeth.

At this point, Fintan then broke with the “Temple of HOPE” and started running their own circle again around 1998. This time however, Fintan was no longer an Alexandrian coven, having evolved into an eclectic group, with practices involving Spiritual Alchemy, Shamanism, visionary practices and Elemental magic.

Our coven is now a teaching group with our practices evolving due to the interests and skills brought to us from our members. We also still work closely with the Elders of the now defunct “Temple of HOPE” who are considered honorary Elders of Fintan, there to offer advise and help to our members.