Coven Fintan has moved down to Donnybrook in the South West, and will be reopening around March 2013.

If you live in this area and would like to work within a coven, we are open to applicants now.

If you just want to hang out and meet pagan people, but dont want the committment of a coven, then come along to our Pagan discussion groups run once a month.

1st degree training As a 1st Degree, you learn the basics of the group’s workings. The time span as a 1st degree, or any of the degrees is not set. It all depends on the individual. Some people learn faster than others, and some people never want to progress any further. You will not be pushed into learning goals, because as an adult, you are responsible for your own learning and development, at your own pace. The Elders and other members of Fintan are there to guide and help you, but it’s
Witchvox the best pagan site around for articles and contacts.   United Pagans of Australia. Fintan is a member of this group which is working towards having Paganism legally recognised in Australia.   Combined Covens Social Group A great resource for open pagan events in WA. Western Australian Pagan Network   Christina Cairns. A fantastically
Outercourts are run for a year and usually has fortnightly meetings. While in the Outercourt, you are invited to attend all festivals and one Full Moon. It is unusual for a closed coven to invite non-initiated people to a Full Moon ritual, but our thinking is that future members need to see how we work to make an informed decision on taking the commitment to become initiated into the coven. Topics covered in the Outercourt are simple basics on meditation, Tarot, elements, dream analysis and