Outercourts are run for a year and usually has fortnightly meetings. While in the Outercourt, you are invited to attend all festivals and one Full Moon.

It is unusual for a closed coven to invite non-initiated people to a Full Moon ritual, but our thinking is that future members need to see how we work to make an informed decision on taking the commitment to become initiated into the coven.

Topics covered in the Outercourt are simple basics on meditation, Tarot, elements, dream analysis and such.

You will also be required to keep a year’s diary on your observations on the natural world around you. The time span of 1 year gives everyone a chance to know each other and as a trainee, this gives you plenty of time to pull out if you don’t think we are the group for you. Then if you are interested in staying with us you can ask for Initiation, and you can do this before the year is up if you so wish.


What happens then is that members of the coven take a vote on you. I know, it sounds horrible, but a coven is a tight-knit magical working group. EVERYONE has to get on really well; that is why we have the vote.

Yes the group has Hierarchy, however we do not abide the egotistical idea of bowing and scraping to those higher in their training than you. This is a spiritual path. Everyone is equal, and everyone has a say in the running of the coven.

If you have been accepted into the group, you pick a date for your Initiation using Numerology, and we go from there.

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